The Brand

OMKARA was born in November, 2015 in Miami, FL with a team of hard-working individuals determined to carry out a new concept of jewelry inspired by yoga and spirituality. What started as a family business with handmade pieces, later became a dream of expansion that materialized in a brand carrying an entire line of 18K gold plated stainless steel pieces.

Our main inspiration comes from the yoga practice; specifically, how it represents the combination of the physical and the spiritual, encouraging others to keep that balance within themselves.

The Meaning

What Does Omkara mean?

The word Omkara, also known as Om, Aum and , is one of the most sacred mantras of the Dharmic religions Hinduism and Buddhism. It symbolizes the divine Brahman (God the Creator) and the entire universe. Omkara is the manifestation of Brahman as sound; it means oneness with the supreme, and the combination of the physical and the spiritual. Our name is connected to our believes and philosophy of life: the unification of the physical and the spiritual in order to keep a balance within ourselves and the universe— the reason behind each of our meaningful, carefully-crafted, and filled-with-love pieces.