Posted by Maria Medina

4th of july

#Happy4ofJuly and as we say, and believe, America is a country for dreamers. Why do we say that? Quick and short; our story:

Omkara first started a year ago as a family business (which still is) with handmade pieces. No website or store, juts the disposition of bringing meaningful jewelry to the hearts of close friends and relatives. Shortly after the dream started to take shape and grow-- the goal of creating beautiful pieces with meaning escalated to become a brand. All it took was the believe and skills  of a family of five, who had the character to work hard towards a dream and making it a reality.

Today Omkara is a real brand carrying an entire line of 18k gold-plated stainless steel pieces inspired by yoga and spirituality, willing to deliver meaningful creations to the world.

Each piece holds a meaning, as each member of the Omkara family still have dreams and goals to pursue in this land of opportunities: America.