Posted by Maria Medina

We are so happy to welcome you to OMKARA, where we will make sure you stay in balance with the universe. Every piece we create is carefully crafted, and more important with an special and deep meaning behind it. Part of our  philosophy is to offer you pieces that, in the case you practice yoga, you could keep experimenting your lifestyle off the mat. Have you ever been out for dinner, chose an amazing outfit but wore simple jewelry? With OMKARA you will always be wearing something that really identifies you. 

On this space we will be sharing the latest news and trends related to the OMKARA environment, as well as give you ideas in how to wear our pieces for different occasions among other things. Stay Tuned!

OMKARA is not a person but a team of dedicated people that will work exhaustively  in order to deliver you an amazing experience. 

OMKARA is not a product, is part of a lifestyle. 

Once again, welcome to OMKARA and enjoy every single peace made with love.